#TRUTHIS …I know that I am not speaking for myself when I say this…I never thought that I would ever be watching a solo Venom movie, ever … especially without the inclusion of Spider-Man…Never in a million years. I know some us are tainted by Topher Grace’s portrayal of a skinny ass Venom back in 2007, though I still enjoyed seeing the character on screen and seeing it mirror elements from the 90’s TV cartoon series, Topher just didn’t cut it. Now in 2018, we enter Tom Hardy, who is clearly qualified and built for a role like this. I’m going to break the film down in a Pro vs. Con category and hopefully this will help you decide if you want to spend some money on an UltraAVX 3D ticket, or be patient and wait for about 8 - 9 months for it to show up on Netflix.


  • Seeing a beloved character on the big screen finally done right (Not perfect), but just right

  • You will laugh (At jokes that are actually funny)

  • A “Worth the Wait” post-credit scene


  • Not enough action / Venom (Should have been Rated R)

  • No mention of Spider-Man

  • Not long enough

I would be lying if I said that I didn’t miss the Sam Raimi/Tobey Maguire series, but everyone deserves a chance, so Ruben Fleischer (Zombieland, 30 Minutes or Less, Gangster Squad) gets that chance. Although 30 Minutes or Less, and Gangster Squad didn’t do so well, they are still my favourites, but we all know that Zombieland is Ruben’s masterpiece thus far. Let’s all pray that Zombieland 2 doesn’t end up tarnishing its own legacy. In conclusion, seeing a more dark, gritty take on this character is definitely worth the movie theatre experience, whether or not you end up leaving just a tad bit disappointed.

Oh wait, did I mention that Tom Hardy is in it?

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In conclusion…


- Arys Déjan, The Who & How Club